Nam June Paik
In 1989 Nam June was invited to do an exhibition at the Musee d' Art Moderne in Paris to commemorate the bicentenary of the French revolution. For this exhibition he created a series of his "robot" figures depicting major figures in the revolution. The figures were placed in Raoul Dufy's fresco room celebrating the arrival of electricity, thus the title of the exhibition "La Fee Electronique". A portfolio of prints was created by the artist from his designs to commemorate these figures of the revolution, Danton, David, Diderot, Robespierre, Rousseau, Marat, Olympe De Gouges, and Voltaire. The portfolio is titled "Revolution, Evolution, Resolution" and the prints are lithography and etching. All prints are 30" x 22" and hand printed on Rives BFK paper. Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image...
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Olympe De Gouges

GOLDEN VIEW , 1991, is Nam June Paik's comment on the fall of the Iron Curtain. Printed in gold over a map of central Germany, in the approximate location of the former border between east and west, the words east/west, in all of Nam June's languages, form a new border.
The implication is that without television the iron curtain would never have come down. The print is a lithograph,(the TV), and etching, (the screen). Published in an edition of 150 the print measures 30x29 inches, (76x74cm).

Le JARDIN ELECTRONIC, 1993. The picture tube becomes a flower vase and the rain falls as I-Ching characters. Etching and aquatint on Arches paper. Plate size 10 x 8 inches, paper size 18 x 15 inches. Published in an edition of 64.

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Maciunis, 1996,
Color offset lithograph, (28 x 38cm), signed and numbered edition of 299.

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Ginsberg, 1996
Color offset lithograph, (28 x 38cm), signed and numbered edition of 199

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NAM JUNE PAIK @ 1800 RPMS, 1992, is a set of seven silkscreened 12 inch laser disks. The images in black are from old Korean texts, architecture, horiscopes, etc. with the artist drawings in red. The disks are monted to an aluminum hanging bracket by means of antique television electron tubes. Published in an edition of 64.

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DHARMA WHEEL TURNS, 1990. Budda constructed of 45rpm records, CDs, laser disc, TV tubes, headphones, with Paik audio tape cassette. 14.25 x 15.5 x 12 inches, in an edition of 25.

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