Terence Hammonds
On April 15,1968 riots broke out in 110 American cities following the assassination of Dr Martin Luther King. James Brown was due to perform in Boston.Mayor Kevin White decided to proceed with the show and televise it. Riots griping the rest of the country where averted in Boston. "The Quiet Riot" is an exhibition of drawings, prints and objects inspired by the civil disobedience of the late 60’s. At that time in many places in America wearing a "movement pin" in public irrevocably marked you for good or ill. It was an act of courage and commitment that could never be undone. I use vintage newspaper clippings of the 68 riots, Russel Wright American Modern dinnerware, original movement pin slogans, bootleg concert footage and 19th century porcelain to create heirlooms of cultural transgression.
The Quiet Riot, 2006, waterslide decal on 17 Russel Wright diner plates, antique radio cabinet, antique
TV, DVD player, DVD program of James Brown concert, Boston, 1968, dimensions variable. (Plates are in an edition of 3).
B-Boys Breakdown, 2003-06 installation, screen-print on museum board, silkscreen decals on antique
bone china, books, antique cabinet, antique tintype, dimensions variable.
Get Up on the Down Stroke, I & II, 2006, (dance floors constructed of Birch plywood), graphite, silkscreen waterslide decal on wood, each floor 4 ft. square
B-Boy’s Breakdown, 2003
Silkscreen, 32" x 34.5", edition of 10
Black Power Pyramid, 2006
Six Magic Fist Styling Pics,
edition of 3
Soul Power, 2006
graphite on paper, 30" x 22"
Angie Baby, 2006
Silkscreen, 30" x 22"
edition of 4
For Colored Girls Who Considered Suicide When Rainbow Reeboks Were not Enough, 2005,
unique silkscreen, triptych, 17"x 44.5"
Stoner Rocks, 2005,
(with Kara Keltner), triptych, screen print and ether transfer on paper, 30" x 66"
I Am A White Agitator, 2006
Embossing from wood block, 30" x 22"
edition of 15
  Terence Hammonds was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. He grew up on Main Street in Over-the-Rhine and attended the School for Creative and Performing Arts.

The School of the Museum of Fine art, Boston
(Fifth year certificate, 2002 diploma,2001)
Tufts University in partnership with the School of the Museum of fine art Boston (BFA, 2002)

1997 awarded full tuition merit scholarship
2001 Pegasus painting award 
2002 SMFA Traveling scholars
2003 Clarissa Bartlett award

2000 A Polar Bear in a Snow Storm, The Mills Gallery at the Boston Center for the Arts
Club Level, The Gelb Gallery at Phillips Academy, Andover, MA
2002  Traveling Scholars, Museum of Fine Art Boston, MA 
2003 Artist of G70 Somerville Museum, Somerville ,MA 
2004 Visualizing Diaspora/Constructing Self, G.A.S.P. Brookline, MA
2005 The Trendiest Show Ever, Publico, Cincinnati, OH