Rich Bitting’s motivation for composing music stems from an insatiable desire to immerse himself in the discovery process. His passions lie in the nature of sound itself. The human perception of sound has a relationship with the other senses. He grew to appreciate this relationship between the senses, an appreciation that was solidified in the late 60’s when he studied with George Crumb, a composer who was obsessed with how his own scores appeared on the page. With the understanding that visual art has its own way of expressing rhythms and harmonies, Rich Bitting has created separate works in both visual and sonic media that are representations of the same, intangible idea.

Music for Central Bridge,1982
Bitting, who trained as a classical composer, creates a visual music score, written within the srtucture of this Cincinnati "singing" bridge. Intaglio printed in black on Rives BFK white paper. Edition of 20. Signed and numbered by the artist.15" x 39 1/2" (38.1cm x 100 3cm).

Nine Summer Haiku,1984
A portfolio of nine lithographs printed on Arches white paper. Music scores based on Japanese haiku poems. Edition of 20. Signed and numbered by the artist. 24" x 20" (60.96cm x 50.8cm).
Kepler's Harmony,1990
Color etching printed on Arches Cover black paper. Edition of 15. Signed and numbered by the artist. 44" x 30" (111.76cm x 76.2cm). Hear the score for Kepler's Harmony by clicking on the Nine Summer Haiku CD Icon.
Four color lithograph on Paloma white paper pressed into a 33 1/3 rpm record. Recorded were 12 handbell players and a soprano; the picture disc is a spiral pattern of symbols encoding Bitting's score for two handbell choirs and six soprano lines. The title refers to the seven stars in the constellation Taurus. Bitting has applied 19 rhythmic patterns and their variations to a six note pitch. The temporal elements of the composition and the spirals both conform to the Fibanacci sequence. Printed in mauve, red. blue, and green. Edition of 260. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Conifers: Soundtrack for a Soniferous Forest,1996
Audio installation using 19th century wooden organ pipes containing computer controlled speakers. Dimensions variable.

Eight color lithograph and silkscreen printed on Magnani Pescia white paper. Edition of 20. Signed and numbered by the artist.
Nine Summer Haiku,1994
Compact disc recording of the music scores originally seen in the 1984 print portfolio. Also contains: Kepler's Harmony, Music for Central Bridge, and Pleiades. Pressing of 500. Running time: 47:26. Published by LaLa Records. Hear a sample (Kepler's Harmony) and read about the CD.

Conifers: Soundtrack for a Soniferous Forest,1996
Compact disc recording made to accompany the artist's installation piece of the same name. Pressing of 500. Running time: 60:19. Published by LaLa Records. Read about the CD and hear an excerpt here.

Seven Coded Cantos for Leonardo, 2005
Silkscreen and Lithograph
20" x 16"
Edition of 10
The Breakfast Suite, 2006
Lithograph and relief print on Rives BFK. 42" x 30" Edition of 12, also available as individual prints (14" x 10"). Signed and numbered by the artist. CD of the sound track available.

some samples:




Frying pan

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